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As an expert Orange DUI attorney, Barry Simons has litigated thousands of DUI cases in courtrooms across Southern California and the DMV and has been a recognized leader in challenging the DMV with writs and appeals. He is the co-author of “California Drunk Driving Law”, often referred to as the “Bible of Drunk Driving Defense.” 

Mr. Simons heads a team of first-class lawyers trained specifically in DUI defense, two specially trained paralegals, and a variety of investigators, criminalists, and forensic toxicologists. Each member of the team is dedicated to working hand-in-hand with top experts in the fields of Forensic Toxicology and Pharmacology in order to examine and determine the important scientific issues and defenses relating to your Orange County DUI case.

What You Should Know When You Are Stopped for Questioning:

1) When a police officer stops you for questioning, it is not a crime to refuse to answer. However, if you don’t answer police can become suspicious. You may be detained if the police are acting on a tip or exigent circumstances in order to determine whether you fit the description of the person(s) they are looking for. 2) Police may also “pat down” your clothing if they suspect you are carrying a concealed weapon; but you should verbalize your lack of consent to any further search.  3) You should ask the police who are detaining you if you are under arrest. If you are, you have a right to know why. 4) You should never badmouth a police office or try to run away, but you should always assert your right to the presence of counsel and of the right to remain silent..

While you should never interfere with effective law enforcement, you should always understand your own rights and responsibilities and how you may invoke them upon encountering police. Everyone has the right to respectful police treatment. If you feel your rights have been violated, do not try to handle the matter on your own without consulting a DUI attorney in Orange.

40 Years of DUI Defense Experience

Barry T. Simons has committed more than 40 years to fighting for the rights of drivers in Orange County and is a nationally recognized in DUI Defense.  As a leading Orange DUI lawyer, Mr. Simons is among a small number of DUI lawyers in the State of California who carry Board Certification in DUI Defense under standards certified by the American Bar Association (ABA). He has also the co-author of California Drunk Driving Law and is a Founding Member, Fellow, and former Dean of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD).

In 1998, DUI defense attorney Barry Simons established relaxed standards required at DMV hearings to challenge alcohol-testing procedures in DUI cases. In 1999, his efforts forced the DMV to announce the cancellation of 4,700 drunk driving suspensions after he exposed the Orange County Crime Lab’s use of unapproved breath testing machines (Trautman v DMV).  In 2002, Mr. Simons exposed the O.C. Crime Lab’s use of unapproved blood testing methods between 1996-2002, (Bite v Gourley), which invalidated blood test suspensions for all of his clients during that entire period.

Awarded the peer-review rating of AV (“very high to preeminent” legal ability and ethics) by the Martindale-Hubbell International Law Directory, Mr. Simons is rated 10.0/10.0 in DUI Defense (Highest Rating) from AVVO, an attorney rating service. 

As a DUI lawyer in Orange, Barry Simons provides expert defense in:

  • DUI Injury/Manslaughter

  • DUI Issues for Women

  • DUI Drugs

  • Prior Conviction

  • Out-of-State Licensing Issues

  • Field Sobriety Tests

Mr. Simons and his DUI defense team are also trained in the complex scientific principles associated with defending against a DUI charge.  At the Law Office of Barry T. Simons, each of our attorneys is a member of, or has graduated from, the National College of DUI Defense and is committed to analyzing, reviewing, and addressing all of the legal, factual, and scientific issues and defenses that may surface in your Orange County DUI case.

Our office provides competent and comprehensive defense for women’s issues, field sobriety testing, Orange County breath testing, and interstate licensing suspension issues. They have challenged trial and appellate court rulings to DUI roadblocks, Preliminary Alcohol Screenings (PAS), DMV procedures and practices, and will aggressively defend your Orange DUI case.